Our core objective is enhancing foreign student inflow by promoting Indian education and quality educational institutes / universities / colleges as a collective brand across the globe. Studying abroad opens new doors for students in terms of exposure to a new culture, new people, new customs and new techniques to handle real-life challenges. Study abroad and one can have numerous other advantages alongside the above-mentioned ones. To list some: develop language skills, different style of education, career opportunities, new interests, self-development and lifelong experiences. Besides, International students seem to have significant positive impacts on host institutions and countries as well as on host economies.

We at EDUPROV help aspiring international students find what exactly they need. Be it course selection, finding a perfect institution or other parameters. We assist students by providing details of admission criteria, eligibility, cut-off percentage, filling application forms and other information, also help in pre & post arrival problems solving with the right solution and assistance in traveling & accommodation. All in all, it is in our best interest to help our students be recognized and get through the thorns and reach the best place in their respective careers.

We at EDUPROV strive to encourage international students to try the Indian educational system and feel the rapidly proliferating economy, gadgets and technicality. We at EDUPROV tend to serve our purpose with full generosity by stepping along with the reputation of institutions that encourage international students. We understand the mutual benefits of International students and Indian students learning together in India and hence are putting every possible deed to ensure the same. We have been able to track down the records of institutes that claim to be rich in diversity as far as International students are concerned and have separated the generous from banal. We, with all our sincere efforts, encourage International Students in India and strive to maintain a good name among foreign students.